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Did you know that every time you play a videotape the quality of the tape declines?

Did you know that even if you NEVER play them, those same tapes will become less and less usable as the passage of time fades the tape?

Most people don't realize that weddings, baptisms, family vacations, and other treasured personal events that were captured on videotape years ago are degrading without their knowledge!

Video tapes are made from magnetic particles that slowly degrade over time. Luckily, current technology has provided us with a way to stop this degradation of our valued videos: DVD's! Once you transfer your video (VHS, 8mm tape, Hi-8, MiniDV, etc.) to DVD, it will no longer deteriorate with the passage of time. You can also play the DVD as many times as you want without any loss of quality. The DVD picture will look the same after 1,000 viewings as it did the first time you watched it. Additionally, DVD's offer much better quality than traditional videotapes. They offer up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution, where VHS only allows 240 lines of horizontal resolution. The difference is a much sharper picture!

MisterDee.net offers video transfer services at a reasonable price, performed by someone you can trust.

The Details

We can merely transfer your video onto DVD (thereby stopping the degredation), or we can add chapter headings, titles, and other video editing effects such as scene transitions, fades, etc. Your original media (VHS, mini-dv, Hi-8, etc.) will be returned to you at the completion of the transfer in its original condition.

The quality of your DVD picture will be equal to the quality of the media you provide. Obviously, if the tape has already started to degrade, we will not be able to improve the picture, but we can stop the degradation from going any further by placing the project on DVD.

All of our DVD products are provided on DVD -R media, unless DVD +R is requested at the time of the order. You can also order multiple copies of a DVD project at a reasonable price - great for giving gifts to relatives, friends, etc! Your order will also include a professional label and DVD case.

The Price

The basic transfer price includes transferring up to 120 minutes of video from one source tape. We will add chapter markers every 20 minutes (5 per disc). Additional chapter markers, titles, and any other customization is available at an additional cost. Please contact us for details and a quote for your individual project. Projects that run longer than 120 minutes from the same source video are billed at lower rates for any time over two hours. Please contact us for a quote for your specific project.

2 hours of conversion to DVD from VHS, Hi-8, VHS-C, or MiniDV (other formats available upon request) - $40 (price includes 5 chapter markers).   
Additional chapter markers - $2 each.
Other personalization available (titles, music, credits, fades, transitions, etc.) - quotes given upon request.

We can also output your project to several PC compatible formats (Quicktime, Windows Media Player, etc.) Quotes for these services are also available upon request.

Finally, ask about our "Video Photo Albums!"  We can transfer your still photos to DVD and put them in a very nice slideshow format, with background music, titles, comments, etc., which is viewable on either your DVD player or your computer.   These make GREAT gifts! Please contact us for a quote, as each project varies so much from the next that it is difficult to give "generic prices" for this service.

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